Parenting Organisations

We have worked with numerous companies to complement their wellbeing inclusion and diversity policies, providing workplace parenting education and support to employees navigating the challenge of balancing parenting with a career. Check out some of our testimonials below:

What Businesses Say


"We regularly release programs and policies, but when we released the launch of Karitane's supporting parents initiative, I received more calls and interest than ever before."

Mary Lyras l Chief Talent Officer, MinterEllison

“It’s great to see DuluxGroup leading the way, by partnering with an organisation which is focused on delivering solutions to assist parents with real problems/issues – something a huge portion of DuluxeGroup employees can get value from."

Jennifer Tucker | Executive General Manager of Yates

What Working Parents Say


"These webinars have been fantastic. I am noticing a huge change in my child's behaviour already, by me changing the way I deal with him. I wish I had learnt this a little earlier - but as they say - better late than never. No one teaches you about parenting! "

Lise | KPMG

"I loved feeling like I wasn't alone, and that other parents were going through the same battles with their children. Also the practical tips that I could take home and implement straight away. We have seen such a wonderful improvement in the relationship between our child and ourselves since trying out some techniques. He's much more responsive and engaged with us."

Chantel | CBA

Click here to find out how Karitane can help your organisation support parents to manage their work and parenting responsibilities.

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